UW Continuum College Instructor Resources

Tech Resources

Our Tech Resources are designed to support you in not only the functional use of our course technologies but in optimizing their use in support of your pedagogical goals.

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We are creating short video content that highlight key information about the technologies you can use in your courses.

Self Paced Training

We have a series of self paced training courses that cover our technologies, topics like creating accessible documents, and Teaching at UW PCE.


Visit our Training Calendar regularly to find synchronous workshops regarding teaching and various technologies (including Canvas and Zoom).

UW Online Dashboard

The UW Online Dashboard and its Instructor Resource section are both great additional resources, containing technology user guides, system status reports, and access to additional support resources.

Instructional Podcasts

Interested in learning more tips, tricks, and tools to help you tackle common teaching and learning questions? Visit our Instructional Podcast page.

Individual Support

Please contact ctnmhelp@uw.edu to request one on one support if none of our workshops work for your schedule or your needs.