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Looking for help with strategies for teaching online and using learning technology? Sign up for a coaching session with a specialist on our Instructor Development Training Calendar. Continuum instructors, IAs, and staff are all welcome.

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Working on designing or building your course in Canvas? The Canvas Resources Library includes tools, templates, tasks, and tips to help you navigate course design from the ground up. Note: Canvas login required.

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Highlighted Resources

  • Self-recording videos for your course: New to recording with Panopto or need a refresher? We have a new library of Panopto training videos to walk through every step of setting up, recording, editing, and sharing self-recorded instructional videos.
  • Retain your Panopto files: The UW’s Data Retention Policy for Panopto recordings- previously scheduled for March 20, 2024-has been postponed. Learn how you can archive/store/reset the clock for your recordings.
  • Artificial Intelligence: The Teaching@UW website offers strategies for communicating with students about AI, including sample syllabus statements you can adapt to set student expectations for the use of AI-based tools like ChatGPT in your course.
  • Participation: Wondering what practices to use if you’re no longer grading on attendance? Check out our new page on Assessing Participation.

New Instructor?

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If you are a new instructor at UW PCE, start with our New Instructor Guide. This is a chronological list of the key resources that all new instructors should read through.

RTOL Course Prep Checklists→

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If you are an instructor of an online class with real-time/synchronous meetings, these course prep checklists will prepare you to teach your real-time online course.