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The Technology tab of this website contains tech guides, self-paced trainings, and links to other resources. 

Support for Learning Technologies: ctnmhelp@uw.edu or 206-685-6372

*Video Tutorial for Scheduling Zoom Meetings in Canvas (Zoom in Canvas LTI)

*Real Time Online Course Prep Checklists 

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Did you know?

  • We also recorded a Zoom introduction workshop. It was delivered to no audience, so it’s not quite as lively as our live versions, but it contains the major information for Zoom in a pinch.

A note on Zoom security

Zoom’s default settings for meetings allow anyone with the link to join a Zoom meeting. This low barrier of entry makes Zoom easy to use. However, with ease comes risk. People (or bots) with access to the link can join the meeting, including those who were not invited to the meeting but were able to gain access to the meeting URL or ID.

Zoom offers a number of security options that you can use to prevent unwelcome participants from joining your meeting or to limit their ability to share inappropriate content. 

We recommend the following, all of which are described on the UW IT Protect your Zoom meeting space and class sessions webpage. Following these steps can help ensure that students and instructors have the best learning experience possible.

Disable join before host. This is the setting we use for all Shared NetID-based zoom accounts.

Know how to use the “remove participant” option from the manage participants menu to control participants in a meeting.

There are a few other options if you would like to change the default security settings for your meeting.

To secure your Zoom meetings, you can require a password for joining meetings to add a layer of security.

Additionally, you can use the Waiting Room feature to control when and which participants join a meeting.