UW Continuum College Instructor Resources

Timeline for Planning and Teaching Your Course

These milestones are suggestions for the successful launch and completion of a course. You may need to adapt some dates depending on your circumstances.

14 Weeks before the course begins

  • Course Design: Discuss learning outcomes for the program and course goals with your Program Manager.  See the syllabus template for what needs to be included in course syllabus.
  • Responsibilities, Roles, and Guidelines: Please read and understand the content of this document as it gives the details of your contractual arrangement with UWPCE.
  • Equipment: Let your Program Manager know your equipment and software needs. See the page on emergencies for cancellation of on-site meetings.

10-12 Weeks before the course begins

  • Contract: You will receive materials that include your appointment letter. Carefully read, sign, and return your contract as soon as possible. A signed contract and all employment forms must be on file before you can be paid and access your course website.
  • Payroll Information Forms: If you are a new instructor to UW PCE, the payroll team will send instructions for completing and submitting the necessary forms (I-9, W-4, and affirmative action form). Contact Payroll with questions at ctnmpay@uw.edu.
  • Handbooks: This website and the PCE Student Resources site are available for your reference throughout the course development and delivery process.
  • Syllabus: Complete your syllabus and submit to your Program Manager.
  • Resume: Send an updated resume at least once every two years.

8 Weeks before the course begins

  • Course packet preparation: If you are planning to use copyrighted materials in your course, you must obtain copyright clearance as outlined by the the UW Copyright Connection.
  • Textbook selection: Make certain to complete the textbook form in your contract.
  • Reserve materials: Make a request to the Library to put materials on reserve for your course.
  • UW NetID: Set up as soon as you get your Personal Access Code.

2-4 Weeks before the course begins

  • Parking permit: If you wish to purchase a parking permit to park on UW campus, contact UW Transportation Services. There is no fee for parking at the UW PCE facility in Bellevue. Parking is available in the Puget Sound Plaza garage.
  • Course website: Contact your Program Manager about gaining access to your Canvas course.
  • Instructor biography: The instructor bio (or profile, in Canvas) is an important element in bridging the virtual gap between instructor and students. Your bio should include, at a minimum, information about your professional experience and your education. Please also complete and return our Instructor Bio & Photo Request form to your Program Manager.
  • Pick up key: If you are an instructor for a classroom or blended course, confirm the room location with your Program Manager. If your course is on the UW campus and you are using equipment, pick up the key as described in Equipment under Instructor Tools.

5 days before the course begins

  • Class list: The names of all your students are listed on your electronic class list. Check your list regularly to track any recently added students or withdrawals.
  • Welcome message: Before your course begins, send a welcome message to your students that includes your expectations for performance in the course. Students should have already received an e-mail from UW PCE detailing all course logistics including dates, room number, course website link, parking, etc.

Third Class Session

Your Program Manager may make arrangements for your students to complete a mid-term evaluation either online or in class. (See Evaluation in Logistics and Academic Guidelines for more information.)

2 Weeks before your course ends

Follow the procedure for distributing final course evaluations. (See Evaluation in Logistics and Academic Guidelines.)

Within five days of the conclusion of the course

Submit grades. See the Grading page for more information. Retain a copy of each student’s grade for (typically) at least a year after the student has completed the course.