UW Continuum College Instructor Resources


If your course requires special software that your students will be required to have and/or that you will need installed on the instructor podium, please communicate with your Program Manager as soon as possible.


Software Approvals

The Program Manager and the UW PCE Helpdesk must approve software before it can be installed on UW PCE computers. A request for approval must be submitted by the individual teaching a course at least 4 weeks prior to the start date.

  • Commercial Software – This software must be owned by UW PCE before it can be installed.
  • Shareware – If the course will use the software past the usable date, the Program Manager should be contacted regarding the purchase of the software by UW PCE.
  • Beta Software – At no time will beta software be installed on UW PCE computers without the express permission of the UW PCE IT staff.
  • Licensing Agreements – Some software with specific licensing requirements may require more than four weeks.


Courseware and Student Records

Any software or website which stores student information must be evaluated for compliance with FERPA before it can be used in a UW PCE course. While some sites clearly retain protected student data, such as those that include quizzes or grade sheets, in other cases it may not be as obvious. Student names retained together with courses taken or class schedules are sufficient to be defined as protected student educational records. More detail about FERPA policy may be found from the Office of the Chief Information Security Officer.

If you are considering using outside software, sites, or social media in one of your courses, please contact your Program Manager, who will work with UW PCE IT to confirm if your needs can be met with an already approved software solution.