UW Continuum College Instructor Resources


UW PCE has access to excellent technologies and equipment to meet your teaching needs. Please discuss your equipment needs early on with your Program Manager so s/he can make sure that you are scheduled for a classroom that meets your equipment needs. Once you have been assigned a classroom, please see the instructions below for accessing and using equipment at your location.

Main UW Campus

If you teach a course on campus, check the classroom schematics and equipment Webpage to view the layout and equipment available in the room. To access the equipment in the classroom, you will need to check out an equipment key from the Classroom Technology & Events Office. The standard equipment key for Seattle campus general use classrooms (with the designation IOFA) gives access to secured instructional technology in general use classrooms.

  • The IOFA key will unlock portable equipment cart padlocks and doors as well as locked drawers in teaching podium and in-classroom equipment closets.
  • Instructors are generally eligible to check out an IOFA key on a quarter-by-quarter basis with the option to renew the checkout at the end of the quarter.
  • Photo ID is required to check out the key.
  • Key must be checked out to the user of the key (cannot be checked out on behalf of someone else).
  • To check out an IOFA key, you must come to the Classroom Technology & Events Office, located on the basement level of Kane Hall, room 035, from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm M-F.
  • Email classrm@uw.edu or call 206.543.9900, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday – Friday.

If you would like to have someone from UW Tech Support come to the classroom and do a walkthrough of the equipment, call 206.543.9900 to set it up. If you are having trouble with your classroom equipment during class, you can get tech support until 9:30pm on weeknights and between 8am-5pm on Saturday by calling the same number. You may have to leave a message because there is limited staff during evenings and weekends, but they will respond as soon as possible.

Puget Sound Plaza (Downtown Seattle) or Bellevue

If your course takes place in downtown Seattle at Puget Sound Plaza or in the Bellevue classroom facility, there are staff on-site at all times to assist you with the classroom equipment as problems arise.

These classrooms all have wi-fi access and well-equipped instructor podiums that include a PC, projector with audio, microphone, and document camera.

For an overview of the equipment available in all of the Puget Sound Plaza and Bellevue classrooms and instructions for use of the equipment, visit this document Equipment Instructions

UWC2 Facilities Contact Information

  • UWC2 Bellevue Classrooms: (425) 586-2200
  • UWC2 Puget Sound Plaza Classrooms: (206) 221-6126 (days) or (206) 685-6826 (evenings after 5pm)

Classroom Computer Labs

Both locations (Puget Sound Plaza and Bellevue) have some classrooms that are equipped with student computers. If you need a computer lab classroom for your course, talk to your Program Manager about it well in advance so the room can be reserved for your course.