UW Continuum College Instructor Resources

Course Website

All UW PCE programs, whether in-person, blended, or online, have access to a course website. At a minimum, the syllabus should be posted to the site. The site can also include lecture slide decks, links to readings and videos, assignments, assessments, discussion boards, team workspaces, and announcements. You can have your students submit assignments directly to the site, which is a great way to keep them organized and minimize traffic to your email inbox.

The course website is a good way for instructors who teach different courses within a certificate to view each other’s content.



Login to Canvas to access your course site with your UW NetID and password. Follow the directions on the Canvas course access page.

For online courses, the website is the primary point of contact with students. You will be assigned a UW PCE instructional designer who will help you design content that will make for a great online learning experience.

Visit the Training tab of this website to sign up for Canvas training, and find information on the self-paced Canvas training course.


Open edX

Our self-paced Career Accelerator courses use a platform known as Open edX and can be accessed at startlearning.uw.edu. You will need to create an account within the Start Learning dashboard early on before you can be given Staff access to your course materials.

Contact ctnmhelp@uw.edu for 1:1 Open edX training.