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Teaching Excellence Awards

Each year, UW PCE presents six outstanding instructors with the UW PCE Teaching Excellence Award.  Individuals selected for this award are highly regarded by their students and the Program Manager with whom they are working.

Nominations for the Teaching Excellence Award are submitted by Program Managers to an internal committee. The committee reviews nominations and considers student evaluations, instructional materials (e.g. syllabi), and classroom observations.


2013-2014 Awardees

Kim Cunningham, Arts, Writing, & Humanities

Kim Cunningham received her MFA in Creative Writing from Queens University in 2002, having the great fortune to study under the tutelage of Pulitzer Prize winning author, Elizabeth Strout. Her first feature, The Disciple, was a finalist for the Sundance Institute in both 2007 and 2008. Since that time, she has optioned several screenplays, created an interactive television sitcom pilot, and collaborated on numerous television and film projects including a documentary series pilot based in the Pacific Northwest. Currently Kim splits her time between Vashon Island and Los Angeles.

Soren Eberhardt, Technology

Soren Eberhardt is an International Project Manager (IPM) at Microsoft. He has worked in the field of internationalization and localization for the last 14 years, both on the vendor and client side and in different roles as Software Localizer, International Project Engineer and IPM. Inuktitut is the language with the fewest speakers for which he has localized.

Chrysan Gallucci, Education

Dr. Gallucci’s research and teaching focus on education policy and its connection to issues of professional learning. Her particular interest regards how education professionals who work in diverse systems engage problems of practice related to the improvement of teaching and learning. She was most recently the Program Director of the Masters in Instructional Leadership Program at the College of Education, UW.

Mike Maas, Technology

Mike Mass is interested in improving the human experience through technology. To this end, he currently helps to build multimodal applications for Cisco Systems by weaving together Telephony, Voice, and Graphical User Interfaces using any technology that can connect people together.

Richard McPherson, Business

Richard McPherson has 25 years of business and industry experience that includes serving as a vice president at T-Mobile and at AT&T Broadband and as a partner in a small consulting firm. He has started four different business units within large corporations and has also been involved with small business and nonprofit strategic planning and operations improvement.

Diane Mettler, Arts, Writing, & Humanities

Diane Mettler has been writing screenplays since 1988. In addition to optioning several feature scripts, she has directed and produced a documentary, Raising Giants, and a romantic comedy, Growing the Big One, aired on the Hallmark Channel in October 2010. She has won and placed in a number of regional and national contests including the Austin Film Festival, the Nicholl Fellowship, the Wisconsin Screenwriters Forum, and the Pacific Northwest Writers Association.


All past award winners, 2008 – 2013, by content area

Arts, Humanities, Writing, Communications

Pam Binder

Scott Colburn

Ingrid Emerick

Carla Fraga

Linda Lawson

Teho-Pauline Nestor

Bart Rulon

Cherie Tucker


Sara Angus

Seth Margolis

Dan McConnell

Peter Rettman

Peter Rowan

Clive Schuelein

Science, Engineering, Computing, IT, and Technology

Donald Christianson

James “Rick” Crozier

Tom Gilchrist

Angus Glanville

Will Nelson

Randall Root

Andrew Sloss

Tim Tromhimovich

Bob Tsigonis

Buck Woody

John Zarling

Education & Healthcare

Beverly Henderson

Angela Kelley

Terence Kelley

Teresa McCausland

Lori Oliver