UW Continuum College Instructor Resources


What should I consider when planning a course and designing the syllabus?

How much homework should I give?

How should I structure a typical three-hour class meeting?

How do I engage my students in a given topic?

How do I manage students who over-participate or who are otherwise disruptive?

How do I draw out quiet students?

Can my class session be audio/video recorded?

How available do I need to be in between class meetings?

What do I do if I suspect students of cheating?

Does UW PCE have a grading policy that I should follow?

How do I turn in grades after the course ends?

How do I handle students who don’t belong in my class?

How do I handle copyright issues?

What is the procedure for guest speakers?

What are resources for questions about technology?

What do I need to know about textbooks?

How do I gauge whether or not I am teaching effectively, especially while the course is in progress?

How do I connect with other instructors to share resources/challenges?

I am sick or have an emergency, how do I handle make-up sessions?

What if I need a leave of absence?

What if I teach an Self-Paced Quarter Start course?