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Classification Assignment

Steps to Complete the Assignment

Step 1: Complete the work in Jupyter Notebook and save your work as a pdf

Step 2: Complete a 50-100 word summary (or short description of your thinking in applying this week’s learning to the solution) of your experience in this assignment in the Comments section of the submission. Include:

  • what was your incoming experience with this model, if any?
  • what steps you took, what obstacles you encountered.
  • how you link this exercise to real-world, machine learning problem-solving. (What steps were missing? What else do you need to learn?)

This summary allows your instructor to know how you are doing and allot points for your effort in thinking and planning, and making connections to real-world work.

To submit your assignment

  1. When your work is complete in Jupyter Notebook, by the due date, Save your Jupyter Notebook file as Studentname-L01-Filename.pdf, replacing Studentname with your own.
  2. Use the Submit Assignment link located in the top right of this Assignment.
  3. Click the Choose File button to find and select the saved file.
  4. Write your short summary of experience with the assignment in the Comments section of your submission. 
  5. Also add your Jupyter Notebook link in the Comments section.
  6. Click the Submit Assignment button to turn in your assignment.