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UW PCE Student Demographics and Motivations

Student demographics vary by program and areas of study and your Program Manager can provide specific information regarding your current students based on their program applications.



Here is an overall snap shot of student demographics from all programs:

  • 80% have a Bachelor or Master’s degree
  • 2/3 work full time
  • 52% have more than 9 years of professional work experience
  • 75% are between age 25 and 54
  • 60% are women
  • Over 65% of certificate students pay for the full cost of the program themselves and receive no aid from their employers.



The top three reasons UW PCE students pursue a certificate program:

  • Advance their career
  • Broaden their skill base
  • Make a career change


Diverse skills

All certificate programs have clearly published admission standards to ensure that learning objectives of each course can be met.  Through the program application process students must demonstrate they meet program requirements; however, instructors sometimes find that they are teaching to a diverse range of skill levels.