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Teaching UW PCE Students

We asked current instructors what was most rewarding about teaching for UW PCE and the overwhelming response focused on the students. UW PCE students are highly motivated individuals who come from a broad and rich array of professional and educational backgrounds that contributes to a dynamic teaching and learning experience for both instructors and students.

“The students! Being in the classroom with 35 other minds is the highlight of my year. Student questions, problems, interests, backgrounds, ideas, etc. keep me interested in my profession.”

“I learn new things every time I teach because of questions students ask. It is satisfying to know that I am helping others gain some knowledge and I’m glad that I can teach concepts from my experience.”

“Evening students are a very motivated group, and frequently stay in touch after the course is over. The students are a major reason I continue to teach in the program.”


Video Resources

Adult Learning: A Toolkit for UW PCE Instructors – Penny Koch-Patterson (22min)

Note: You will need your UW NetID to view the video.