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Online With Real-Time Meetings Courses

Online with real-time meetings courses use video conferencing technologies, such as Zoom, to hold with regularly scheduled online class meetings that allow students and instructors to engage in real-time, face-to-face interaction.

These courses typically have a cohort of students starting and ending the course together with set assignment deadlines. Students and instructors utilize the learning management system Canvas to access course materials, such as reading and assignments, management communications and track progress.

Important Resources

Expectations and Teaching Best Practices

Instructional Expectations for Online Real-Time Instructors

This document describes instructor expectations, including step-by-step procedures and policies, for teaching an online with real-time meetings course. You’ll learn what do prior to the first class meeting, on the first class meeting and throughout the course to ensure that students have an exceptional learning experience and how to use both Canvas and Zoom.

Online Real-Time Instructor Expectations 

Increasing Engagement for Online With Real-Time Meeting Courses

Building a sense of community and active learning are critical elements for a successful online course. The following document provides guidelines on how to implement specific techniques to increase engagement in an online with real-time meetings course, including how to use both Zoom and Canvas.

Increasing Engagement for Online Real-Time Courses 

Additional Resources

Visit Tech Resources for resources about learning technologies, including Zoom and Canvas.

For resources about teaching at PCE in general, visit the Teaching Resources, section of this site or take the Teaching at UW PCE course. (This course requires a NetID.)