UW Continuum College Instructor Resources

Hybrid/Blended Courses

A hybrid course, as defined by UW PCE, is one in which all students participate online and in-person. Typically, students do the bulk of their work online via a course website and discussion boards, recorded mini-lectures by the instructor, collaboration tools, etc. Periodically (e.g. once a month, or every other week) all students and the instructor gather in person for particular learning activities.

In hybrid courses, there is no distinguishing between online students and in-person students. All students experience and participate in both modalities. Such courses may draw students from beyond the Seattle metro area, but are unlikely to enroll students from more than a day’s drive distance.

Think carefully about what activities and learning experiences genuinely require face-to-face discourse. Group activities, deep conversation, simulations and role-plays … these are the kinds of tasks best used during in-person class sessions. Lectures, peer review of work, quizzes…these are the kinds of student tasks that can be delegated to the online environment.