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Career Accelerator Self-Paced Courses

Self-paced courses do not follow a specified schedule. Instead, students may enroll at any time and have a set amount of time from that enrollment date to complete coursework. For UW PCE courses, as part of Career Accelerator, students have 4 months to complete required coursework after enrolling.

As the name suggests, the self-paced format means the student sets the pace for his or her learning. Learning content is written and developed in advance, so instructors in self-paced formats serve more of a support and assessment role. Instructors are also responsible for monitoring student progress, providing feedback and assessment as students progress through the course materials, and offering subject matter expertise as needed.

Grading for self-paced courses is often based on clearly defined rubrics, which have been written specifically for these courses. This helps to ensure that grading standards remain consistent.

Important Resources

Policies, Procedures, and Expectations

Policies and Procedures for Self-Paced Instructors

  • This document describes the administrative policies and procedures associated with teaching in a Career Accelerator self-paced course.

UWC² Instructor Guide: Expectations for Career Accelerator Self-Paced Courses

  • This document outlines the instructional expectations for the Career Accelerator self-paced instructional team, and provides guidance on assignment feedback, discussion boards, office hours, response times, communication, etc.

Trainings & Tutorials

We offer technical support, 1:1 consultations, a self-paced training course, and tutorials on how to use the Open edX (Start Learning) platform, and important information about platform updates and new features. For up to date information and resources, visit the Open edX Resources page under the Training section of this website.