UW Continuum College Instructor Resources

Teaching in Specific Modalities

Courses taught in various modalities all have some of their own specific best practices, needs, and challenges based on the format. You can refer to these resources to create the best experience for you, and for your students.


This modality is the traditional classroom model, using the Canvas learning management system for announcements, homework submission, and grading. Most, if not all, content delivery and interaction takes place in person.


A hybrid class has both in-person and online components. All students attend classroom sessions and also complete a significant proportion of coursework online, outside of the classroom.


Online formats have no in-person classroom component, with all content, interaction, and assessment taking place in the online course environment.


In online group-paced courses, students move through the content on the same timeline and meeting the same due dates. Typically, students don’t have to participate in scheduled meetings; however, some group-paced programs do have required real-time meetings. For more information about online with real-time meetings see below.

With Real-Time Meetings

In the online with real-time meetings course, students and instructors participate in synchronous classroom sessions via video conferencing technology as a scheduled time, typically once a week. Students move through the course content on the same timeline and meeting the same due dates.


Self-paced online courses are those in which students enroll at any time and have a set amount of time to complete coursework after enrollment. These courses do not follow a set schedule, and there are more limited interactions between students and instructors.

Self-Paced (Quarter Start) – formally Individual Start

Self-Paced (Quarter Start) courses allow students to complete the material at their own pace, with no set weekly deadlines or obligations, but the courses will open and close with the quarter schedule like a regular UW course.


These courses take place in a classroom with an in-person audience but are also shared synchronously. Some students attend in-person for class sessions, while the rest of the students attend virtually, in real-time, via webcast.