UW Continuum College Instructor Resources

Course Revision

Because UW PCE is committed to providing students with certificate programs that reflect …

  • Practical, real-world knowledge that can be immediately used on the job
  • Cutting-edge curriculum developed and taught by top industry professionals in touch with the latest developments in the field
  • Relevant learning options created and refined with insight from advisory boards made up of UW faculty and industry leaders

…revision at both the course and program level is expected and routinely occurs in UW PCE programs.


Feedback from students

Your students as well as your own experience in the course will help you know when and what to revise. It will be helpful to make notes after each class session about what worked well and what didn’t to assist you at the time of revision.


Changes in the field

To ensure that the certificate program reflects the current knowledge and skills required in the field, you may need to adjust the content of your course. The advisory board for your program may recommend these changes or you and the other instructors may agree that adjustments in the content are necessary. It is important as new content is added to ask what content no longer needs to be included in the program. Instructors sometimes find it difficult to let go of some topics, but it is necessary to keep the program a reasonable length.


Total revision of the program

Sometimes the field changes so dramatically that a certificate program is totally revised. In those instances, your course may need major revisions and you will be asking yourself the earlier questions under course design.